Cross Guard El Paso

Cross Guards for the SISD school district. Part time 4 hours a day

Part Time

Reports promptly and reliably to duty areas.
 2. Safely crosses school age children in compliance with local, county and state regulations.
 3. Allows traffic to flow as smoothly as possible and stop only for short periods of time.
 4. Utilizes all safety devices and equipment issued to crossing guards.
 5. Reports license numbers of vehicles to the security coordinator when such vehicles violate speed or other traffic regulations which endanger the safety of school children.
 6. Adheres to the recommendations of local law enforcement officers pertaining to the stopping and passing of traffic.
 7. Reports students refusing to use crosswalks to the building principal.
 8. Reports all misconduct of students to the building principal.
 9. Upholds and adheres to safety rules and policies of the SISD safety program.
 10. Supports the goals and objectives of the school district and follows all district policies.
 11. Demonstrates the ability to attend work on a regular and routine basis to avoid disruption to district operations.
 12. Performs any other duties as assigned by the appropriate supervisor.
 13. Provides optimal customer service to all students, employees, parents, community members

Michelle Huizar

915-565-7674 ext. 1279

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