Machine Operator El Paso

Extrusion Operator 12 hour shift in Santa Teresa New Mexico temp-hire. Must have a clean background, pass a drug test.

Full Time
**Qualifications for the position (Education, Experience, Language, …)**
High school diploma or GED Graduated from a 2-year technical degree program preferred. Minimum 1 year of manufacturing related work preferred. Previous experience within the wire industry preferred.
**Competencies and skills required**
Basic computer skills/knowledge preferred. Ability to operate production machinery Ability to bend, move, and maneuver wire spools Ability to meet quality standards Ability to work as part of a team.


  • To operate wire drawing machines.

  • To make preparations for the productions due to production plan, customer specifications and productions parameters (emulsion, mill, spindle supply, tempering controls etc.)

  • To enter relevant settings to the machine.

  • To maintain production records.

  • To take the wire samples according to the related control plans and make the necessary adjustments depending on the results.

  • To combine the input wire through welding.

  • To report and inform his/her supervisor about the situation in case of any defective production and machine breakages.

  • To observe the ongoing process to ensure that machine is operating properly; make adjustments or stop machine when problems occur.

  • To do simple maintenance and cleaning of the machinery.

  • To clean work area.

  • To work in accordance with the safety and environmental rules.

  • Complete other duties assigned.

Please contact

Violeta Littleton


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Extrusion Operator Machine Operator